—-· MUSIC FRAMES - a physical playlist ·-—

Tangible Interactions AHO, Oslo spring-09
Type: 1 week Workshop with Timo Arnell
Team: Me and Astrid Sliwka.
Brief: Create a concept based on a touchatag application

As we have strong memories related to music as well as to photographs, we thought
it could be interesting to combine these. In Music Frames you add music to your pictures through RFID "touchatags". The reader is in the hands and when a picture is placed in the hands the connection is closed and the player activated. That way a picture of e.g. your grandmother turns into a playlist.

Tikitag_Musicframes (working prototype) from Astrid Sliwka on Vimeo.

music frames wall 

music frame hands 

music frame technology 

backside of the frames