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rethinking the control box and its role for pedestrians
3 week project
individual project
BRIEF: (un)real estate

I decided to focus on an object in the public space that we all use everyday but don’t pay so much attention to; the control box. I think it is fascinating how used we are to this object and how little it has changed over the years. It is although an object that we all share. Why is it not more experimental I wonder? Looking into what factors that are involved in this site I realized very fast how complex this situation is. It is designed to move people in a certain way at a certain time. But I would argue that it is on the cars condition rather than the pedestrians. My aim for this project was to rethink what the control box could do for you while waiting. Sometimes you have to wait up to 90 seconds to get over the street.

I did an experience prototype trying out the role of the control box. Everyone got cards of what personality they had to put themselves into. It was everything from drunk to stressed lady to a small kid and old lady. I was X that everyone had to ask for permission to get over in first phase. I was very strict and hard in the first round, if they tried to get over I stopped them. In round two I; X was very symphonic asking what I could do for people while they waited to get over. When people was over they got to answer some questions related to the experience. I learned a lot from this prototype, mostly about what questions to ask than the actual control box. It was very hard to look at the control box in a different way. Much harder than I would have imagined. I video sketched some of the ideas I had. But to be honest I feel I never really got to the phase where the really qualitative ideas come.

experience prototype - stuck in a moment from Stina Wessman on Vimeo.

STUCK IN A MOMENT, you and me - rethinking the control box and its role for pedestrians from Stina Wessman on Vimeo.

The control box 

Experience prototype part I 

Experience prototype part II 

The process 

The race-concept 

Olof trying the audio tagging