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10th semester
THESIS project

‘How could the child be integrated in the situation when a close relative is in palliative care?’ This has been the fundamental issue in my thesis work which has resulted in my work BäddBoken. Palliative care is caring at the end of life and the most common activity relatives do when visiting kindred in palliative care is to sit around the bed and talk about everyday life. There are many boundaries in the situation when someone close is being cared for at the end of their life. You might not know what to say and the whole situation can be perceived as frightening from a child’s perspective. In order to offer relief to the relatives, the patient and especially the child, an including, playful and interactive solution for the relatives has been with my project, 'BäddBoken'.

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BäddBoken from Stina Wessman on Vimeo.


in palliative care context
BäddBoken: in palliative care context

in use in context
BäddBoken: in use in context

game page interactions
BäddBoken: game page interactions

close up game page
BäddBoken: close up game page